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Memoryhouse’s ‘excellent choreography’

Helmut Ploebst writes an excellent review of 'Memoryhouse' for a well known Der Standard:

A 'successful premiere' of 'excellent choreograhy' and 'a real masterpiece by set-designer Gabriela Neubauer'. 'The Linz company has improved even further in quality'.

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Memoryhouse’s ‘intensive choreographic language’

Andrea Amort in tanznetz acknowledges the choreographic language and Tanz Linz ensemble in 'Memoryhouse' in the latest review of Kuźmiński's work:

Constantly changing image constellations arise, which Maciej Kuźmiński draws with intensive choreographic language. [...] “Memoryhouse” achieves its effect through Tanz Linz’s strong, technically capable ensemble, and creative staging.

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Memoryhouse a ‘stargate to new dance dimensions’

An overall picture of 'Memoryhouse' is drawn in a great review by Barbara Duftschmid for Volksblatt:

The dancers, full of dynamism, strength, concentration and maximum body control, captivate the premiere audience in this deeply demanding production. [...] This is the sixth joint production by Maciej Kuzminski and his dramaturg Paul Bargetto, which the Linz audience celebrates with long-lasting, frenetic applause.

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Online premiere of Fragments of Resilience + Every Minute Motherland screening

It's 24th of Februray 2023, a year since Russian invasion on Ukraine. To commermrate that we invite you to a premiere screening of Fragments of Resilience - a documentary by Ukrainian director Anna Semenova. The film reveals the creation process and people’s stories behind Every Minute Motherland — a dance performance of Maciej Kuzminski Company, made as a response to the war in Ukraine by the Polish-Ukrainian team.

Both the documentary and the dance work will be screened online on for 2 days on 24th and 25th February.

As part of this screening our team helps the Charitable Foundation Concord 3000 to fundraise for internal Ukrainian refugees. Donate via link and supply forcibly displaced people with basic hygienic products and food packages.

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Event horizon tour

The event horizon duo is already on tour in the Netherlands as part of the Codarts Talent on the Move program. The tour is a result of an award from the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition. See you there!

More on event horizon duo

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First teacher’s certificates of Dynamic Phrasing

Dynamic Phrasing is a method of movement and composition developed by Maciej Kuźmiński since 2009. Consisting of 5 pillars - the Loop, Movement Research, Phrases and Repertoire, Floor Work and Task Basket, it is the core of the choreographer's language of movement.

After more than a decade of teaching and developing DP techniques, Kuźmiński introduces two new teachers after a one-year teacher training course.

Meet Monika Witkowska and Paweł Urbanowicz - the new pedagogical talent behind Dynamic Phrasing. If you have a chance to work with them, be sure to take advantage of it.

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Dynamic Phrasing Questionnaire

All those who have taken part in the Dynamic Phrasing workshops in the last 2 years are invited to fill out a short online form. It will take you 5 minutes to share your opinion, but for us it is extremely valuable information on how to improve and develop the form for your benefit.

--> Link to the questionnaire <--

Thank you!

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Every Minute Motherland a “meditation on mourning”

A touching review of Every Minute Motherland has been published on a know German portal by Torben Ibs.

It is an evening that leaves the emotions on the stage and invites the audience to watch this meditation on mourning. Everything remains incomprehensible and at the same time directly touching.

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War in my body – Every Minute Motherland review

A very sensible review by Justyna Stanisławska on Every Minute Motherland appeared on 20.09 on the country-wide portal .

a multidimensional story about what the war does to the human body and human interior, but also how it affects space and time. […] the viewer takes a journey into the deepest recesses of his sensitivity.

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Every Minute Motherland – a Polish-Ukrainian dance premiere by Maciej Kuźmiński

Maciej Kuźmiński dedicates his new performance to the refugee movement. The minimalistic yet powerful dance piece under the title
Every Minute Motherland was influenced by the war in Ukraine and developed by the Polish-Ukrainian team, including refugees, who shared their professional and first-hand war experience. The premiere will take place in Gdansk on August, 25 and in Lodz on August, 26, the online screenings are also planned. 

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my body falls lighter “goes far beyond modern dance theater”

A great review after the premiere of my body falls lighter at Staatstheater Kassel. In an article titled "The play of the time travelers" Kirsten Ammermüller in Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine writes

Kuźmiński uses the most diverse elements of an organic movement language (...) A convincing complete work that appealed to the audience above all emotionally and challenged their senses (...) goes far beyond modern dance theater.

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Premiere at Staatstheater Kassel

We are thrilled to announce the Premiere of the latest work of Maciej Kuźmiński with Staatstheater Kassel dance company and Orchestra - my body falls lighter. The tickets are on sale!

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Welcome to Polina Bulat

We are very happy to announce that Polina Bulat joins our production team as producer and manager. One of the goals is to include Ukrainian dance artists in our upcoming work with her help. Welcome!
More about Polina you can read here

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Maciej Kuźmiński leaves Polish Dance Network

In 2017 Kuźmiński has initiated what is now one of the largest structures in the Polish contemporary dance world. Currently operating in 15 cities in 13 provinces, Polish Dance Network has provided nearly 150 presentations of performances by over 30 choreographers since 2018.

We are sharing the artists statement made on this occasion.

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event horizon awarded in Cracow

Great news from Kraków! The duo event horizon performed by Monika Witkowska and Omar Karabulut received the 1st individual prize awarded by Iwona Olszowska in the choreographic competition 3… 2… 1… DANCE! Thank you to the Krakow Choreographic Center for inviting us to participate in this event. Congratulations to all other winners!

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Plateau’s “epic breadth”

A great review of the first foreign performance of Plateau. Thomas Linden in Koelnische Rundschau writes

With epic breadth, but also with many great images, with a cleverly ironic text and a well-rehearsed ensemble that moves like an oiled machine, the spectator is offered a concentrated dose of dance theatre performance.

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Showreel Video 2020/2021

We are happy to share a new showreel presenting Maciej Kuźmiński's works staged in Season 2020 / 2021. 

---> Watch the Showreel

The short video presents works event horizonFabula Rasa and Plateau made for the Polish Dance Theatre, Rozbark Theatre and Šeiko Dance Company. More on these you can find on our Works tab.

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Dynamic Phrasing logo

We are proud to announce a new Dynamic Phrasing logo that was made by Małgorzata Drabina. 

The new logo celebrates more than a decade of research into Maciej Kuźmiński's author technique that has been taught on invitation in conservatoires and companies around Europe.  

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A step forward

Since 2012 Maciej Kuźmiński is creating his independent choreographic work on a project-basis. Maciej Kuźmiński Company toured with Room 40, Difference, Repetition, Archipelago, Dominique, I fought Piranhas and other works to 16 countries gicing more than a 100 performance. 

We are thrilled to announce a new logo to honor the work we made and the ideas we believe in.

Design by Małgorzata Drabina.

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Workshops in Belgrade

From December 3rd, Maciej Kuźmiński will conduct workshops of his original Dynamic Phrasing method in Belgrade (Serbia).

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“transience” took over Vilnius

The premiere of the live urban installation "transcience" choreographed by Maciej Kuźmiński in collaboration with the playwright Paul Bargetto had place in Vilnius. The installation accompanies the premiere of the show "i", which Maciej Kuźmiński prepared for the Šeiko Dance Company. The premiere of the installation took place on September 25, 2020 as part of the "Night of Culture" event in Vilnius.

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Premiere of “METAMORPHINE”

On September 8th, the online premiere of the movie "METAMORPHINE", prepared by Maciej Kuźmiński with the students of Artez University of the Arts at the end of their academic year, took place. Due to the limitations of the pandemic, the film was made 100% remotely, and the choreographer and students never met live.

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“Coronation” in the frame of SOLO DANCE CONTEST

“Coronation” - a solo by Maciej Kuźmiński, performed by Tomasz Pomersbach, was selected for presentation as part of the Solo Dance Contest, which is part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival organized by the Klub ŻAK. The studio premiere of the performance will take place on September 2nd. This is another after "Dominique" and  "I Thought Piranhas" Maciej Kuźmiński's solo in this competition.

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Maciej Kuźmiński – a guest choreographer of ArtEZ University of the Arts

Rehearsals for Maciej Kuźmiński's diploma film with first-year students of the ArtEZ in Arnhem in the Netherlands are underway. The work was originally intended to take the form of a theatrical performance, but due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the format was changed to film, and rehearsals and lessons are held remotely on the Zoom platform. The premiere is scheduled for the summer. The watchword is #Metamorphosis.

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PERA teaching cancelled

We sadly inform that due to the epidemic of Coronavirus Maciej Kuźmński's 1 month teaching for PERA School of Performing Arts - GAU in Cyprus is cancelled. We wish everyone good health. #stayhome #staysafe

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Parting Ways of bitter asymmetry

The three women, like in fairy tales, resemble many, but destiny set their course in bitter asymmetry.

First review of Parting Ways was published in an on-line magazine

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Parting Ways premiere

See the premiere of new work by Maciej Kuźmiński at the Budapest Dance Festival, held in state-of-the-art building of Nemzeti Tanzinhaz. The commissioned work is a part of celebration of 10 years by Eva Duda Dance Company.

See the Parting Ways Trailer
Event website and tickets

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A new work for Eva Duda Dance Company in Budapest

The retrospective work called MIRROR will be summing up the past 10 rich years of the Eva Duda's versatile work. Together with a new creation by Maciej Kuźmiński Parting Ways the evening will be presented on the prestigeous Budapest Dance Festival on March 9th.

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2019 Summary

In 2019 Maciej Kuźmiński's works were presented 20 times in 6 contries. We would like to say thank you to everyone involved.

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Fabula Rasa premiere

This spectacle is not to be watched. This spectacle is to be discovered. 

November 20th at 20.00 in the Great Hall of the Zamek Culture Center in Poznań, we will see the latest work for the Polish Dance Theater - Fabula rasa choreographed by Maciej Kuźmiński. It will be a disturbing, hypnotic journey into the depths of human personality.

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Plateau website

Plateau website is on-line now. Have a look at the great photos by Aleksander Joachimiak and trailers by Paweł Szymkowiak.
Plateau website

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Ampelmenschen – review

under constant stress in merciless competition until the world collapses

Michael Scheiner writes about Ampelmenschen for the Mittelbayerishe Zeitung.
Read the whole review of Tanz.Fabrik!Sieben evening under this link

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Ampelmenschen – premiere in Regensburg

Save the Date to see the latest work by Maciej Kuźmiński for Regensburg Theatre in Germany, - Ampelmenschen. The premiere is on 7th July @ 19:30 as part of the Tanz.Fabrik!Sieben evening in Velodrome Theatre, Regensburg. More performances follow on 12th and 14th July.

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“a cosmopolitan bigos” – Plateau review

a cosmopolitan bigos, deconstructing national symbols, mocking lofty values and great ideals, and at the same time spiced with British humor. […] The performes have no easy task, but they cope well with the demanding scenario – both dance and acting wise.

Magdalena Mirkut-Majeranek reviews "Plateau" for the Theatre Daily. Read the whole review in Polish

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Susanne Wolke reviews I fought Piranhas

Monika Witkowska from Poland danced to present the terrible political situation in her country, especially the attempt to tighten the abortion law, for which she received public applause.

Susanne Wolke in Donau Post

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Maciej Kuźmiński a guest teacher at Codarts

Announcing with pleasure that Maciej Kuźmiński has become a guest teacher at the well-known contemporary dance conservatoire Codarts in Rotterdam. His first meeting with students of the first year will focus on artistic working methods and composition classes. In the second, 2-week period Kuźmiński will deliver an extended Floor Work workshop for the 3-rd year students.
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Repetition in Sweden

We are proud to announce our performances ofRepetition in 3:E Vaningen venue in Gothenburg, Sweden. The show will run for three consecutive days on 5th, 6th and 7th of April. Come see us if you're around !
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Spring Season

We are announcing the Spring Season performance dates. The first stop is the Trinity laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. Come see us perform !
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Premiera After Before

Już dziś premiera nagrodzonego spektaklu After Before w Centrum Kultury i Sztuki im A. Meżeryckiego w Siedlcach. Nie uwierzycie jak ta 14-17 letnia młodzież tańczy. Zapraszamy !
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Polskie tournée sezonu zimowego

Zapraszamy na nadchodzące spektakle Macieja Kuźmińskiego. W tym roku sezon zimowy obfituje w premiery - zaprezentujemy polską realizację After Before, nową produkcję un-becoming, oraz re-make Archipelagu, zeszłorocznej produkcji z Teatrem Tańca Caro.
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Piranhas “the most interesting statement” of Gdańsk Dance Festival

definitely the most interesting is the statement by Monika Witkowska, addressing an important topic (calling it "feminist" would be another condemnation to the sex ghetto, a universal problem), verbal message enriching with a strong, expressive, consciously non-defective movement.

Mirosław Baran after Gdańsk Dance Festival.
review link [in Polish]

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Lekcja pokazowa dla sieci RESEO

Dziś Maciej Kuźmiński poprowadzi lekcję pokazową na konferencji międzynarodowej sieci RESEO, która odbywa się w Belgradzie. Tematyka warsztatów to pobudzenie kreatywnego myślenia poprzez podstawowe ćwiczenia ruchowe.  
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Dofinansowanie tournèe Archipelagu

Archipelag jedzie w Polskę! Dzięki dofinansowaniu z Instytutu Muzyki i Tańca odwiedzimy Kraków, Bytom, Krosno, Nowy Sacz, Nowa Sól, Krotoszyn, Miasto Bełchatów i Koszalin. Więcej informacji wkrótce.
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Pragnę podziękować artystom, producentom, obsłudze technicznej i wszystkim pozostałym, dzięki którym rok 2016 był tak niezwykły.
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Już dziś premiera Archipelagu - nowego spektaklu Macieja Kuźmińskiego, pierwszego dla Teatru Tańca Caro, którego twórca objął kierownictwo artystyczne we wrześniu 2016.
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Difference and Repetition – review by Hanna Raszewska

“Each part of the diptych could function as an independent whole, being a bodily representation of philosophical considerations. Yet together they successfully form a coherent performance, where the three performers differ enough, to make the repetition intriguing.” – Hanna Raszewska 
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Room 40 reviewed in Dans Magazine

“The many foreign dance representatives and journalists, who attended the Polish Dance Platform in Lublin, were impressed by Maciej Kuźmiński’s choreography and the rawness of the performance itself.” – Joost Gouziers