The new work by Kuźmiński is a caleidoscope of images and memories, capturing a man in a surreal space, where time wraps on itself. Recurring and seemingly disconnected scenes reflect the contemporary, fragmented world, where actual and virtual images blur beyond recognition.

Resulting is a portrait of five individuals, each having own story and desires, suspended in constant motion. They become a part of an archipelago of memories, which gradually envelops the audience with an unforgettable strength of imagery.


choreography, concept, sound

Maciej Kuźmiński

performance and creation

Anna Mikuła, Zuzanna Kasprzyk, Monika Witkowska, Karol Miękina, Grzegorz Łabuda

dramaturgy, acting

Adam Hypki

lighting design

Ewa Garniec

costume design

Justyna Jakubczyk-Lassota

international production

Roma Hurey, Marina Dashuk

executive production

Maciej Kuźmiński


70 min


Caro Dance Theatre with Centre for Culture and Art in Siedlce, Poland, Zduńska Wola Culture House, Poland and JOHAN Centrum in Pilsen, Czech Republic


Centre for Culture and Art in Siedlce, Poland; Zduńska Wola Culture House, Poland; JOHAN Centrum in Pilsen, Czech Republic, Visegrad Artist Residency Fund - Performing Arts Grants, East European Performing Arts Programme - Small Grants

photos by Katarzyna Machniewicz