Belgrade Dance Institute, STW Poznań

“who am I ?”

Through the development of technologies and socio-cultural transformations, we have come to live in completely different times, from those in which we grew up. The ever-increasing pace of life and mobility requires playing various social roles, which led to the idea of “performance of self”, the ability to combine features and behaviors in sub-identities. Gilles Deleuze even claimed that “identity does not exist” because it was replaced by differences and similarities depending on context and perspective.

Un-becoming represents the inner journey, the process of taking and offending oneself from the normative layers of socially constructed “identity”. The expression of the journey, showing the permanent liminal state, the future imperfect time, is an expression of deconstruction and re-construction of the sense of self.


    • choreography, concept, sound
    • Maciej Kuźmiński
    • original creation and performance
    • Anna Szklarek, Anna Jurek, Patryk jarczok, Jola Kazimierowicz, Dominika Lewandowska, Aleksandra Dusza, Ada Steinke
    • Serbian cast
    • Elize Ferson, Andjelija Todorović, Katarina Bućić, Tijana Koprovica, Katarina Ilijasević, Luka Stojković
    • lighting design
    • Maciej Kuźmiński / Maciej Fincel
    • duration
    • 45 min
    • premiere
    • 01.10.2017, Poznań, Poland, Scena Wspólna
    • 18.04.2019, Belgrade, Serbia, VUK Theatre
    • Polish producer
    • Natalia Draganik-Franke
    • Polish production
    • Szkoła Tańca Współczesnego Natalii Draganik-Franke
    • Scena Robocza w Poznaniu
    • Serbian production
    • IUI – Instytut Tańca Współczesnego w Belgradzie, Ambasada RP w Belgradzie

production and support