‘Maciej Kuźmiński’


The three roles of the viewer, performer and creator are contractual roles, says Valerie Preston-Dunlop. In this fully improvised performance Kuźmiński looks at this phenomenon by putting himself in the center of a living creative process, and by placing his performance in a specific configuration, giving the viewer a range of possibilities to change their perspective. In the show every element is uncertain, subject to a live creation – movement, text, lighting, music, composition, costume thus giving the viewer a unique opportunity to witness what is normally conceiled in the safe heaven of a studio. It also looks at the history of movement education recorded for years in the body of a dancer. Having to face the empty stage, the dancer/creator also faces his habits and manners, revealing to himself and the viewer the limits of his own abilities.

‘Maciej Kuźmiński’ is a process in which the involvement and boredom, spontaneity and exhaustion, self-awareness and consciousness of the group are naturally recorded.

a very personal, deeply personal creation, though not exhibitionistic at all, by no means a self-altar building. It is rather a look at the current creative path of the artist
Andrzej Z. Kowalczyk, Lublin Courier

      • Maciej Kuzminski was strict and honest. […] On the one hand, I am laughing at the need to overcome the seriousness of modern dance with a very surprising choice of the song “I want to break free”, on the other my attention is drawn by the smooth flow of his body, up and down from the floor when it bows and creates spirals around an imaginary center point
      • Rachel Johnson, See Dance Chat Dance portal


      • performance, creation, production
      • Maciej Kuźmiński
      • premiere
      • 21.03.2014 Lublin, Culture Centre, Poland
      • duration
      • approx 40 min