After Before

Belarussian State Art University, Caro Dance Theatre

on the move, in the passage, in suspension, together

After Before presents individuals in continual motion suspended in an undefined space. Referring to the experience of refugees, the author describes the experience of the 21st century man in general – a sense of uncertainty, emigration, attempts to reconstruct identity.

    • The Choreographic Departament of the Belarussian National Culture University has been awarded the first prize at the IMFC Festival. After Before, created by the Polish choreographer Maciej Kuźmiński, was one of the few presentations fully drawing from the contemporary art aesthetic. […] Stylistically abstract, minimal in the form of expression, the work was stripped bare of traditionally understood dance – on the first plane being occupied by the practice of shared presence, the performer’s work with inner movement and hers bodily experience. A “collective body” was active, alive, pulsating on stage in which the individual, plastic voices of the performers created on, shared emotion.
    • Svetlana Ulanovskaya, Mastactwa Magazine (Art) – 2016 – nb. 12 – p. 8 – 13 link to the review


    • choreography, sound, visual and stage design
    • Maciej Kuźmiński
    • performance
    • Youth Caro Dance Theatre
    • Klaudia Mościcka, Mieszko Chomka, Eliza Leszczak, Jasiek Kosianko, Mariusz Wysokiński, Krzysztof Wiśniewski, Aleksandra Chojnacka, Aleksandra Kłusek, Anna Kurowska, Julia Mućko
    • creation and original Belarussian cast
    • Yuliya Suvalova, Valeriya Le, Julia Asmalovskaya, Anastasia Kuzmenko, Elena Podolskaya, Katia Kovalenko, Yui Liu, Elena Sosnovskaya
    • rehearsal director
    • Eliza Kindziuk
    • assistant choreographer in Poland
    • Valeriya Le
    • assistant choreographer in Belarus
    • Nicolai Mikhilov
    • duration
    • 45 min
    • production
    • A. Meżerycki Centre for Culture and Art in Siedlce, Caro Dance Theatre, Choreography Departament of the Belarussian Art and Culture University
    • support
    • Polish tour supported by the Institute of Music and Dance from the “Scene for Dance – VIII educition” grant

production and support