In 2017 Kuźmiński has initiated what is now one of the largest structures in the Polish contemporary dance world. Currently operating in 15 cities in 13 provinces, Polish Dance Network has provided nearly 150 presentations of performances by over 30 choreographers since 2018.

We are sharing the artists statement made on this occasion.

Dear friends and colleagues, today I am leaving the Polish Dance Network. This is a decision I have matured into over the past few months. I wanted to guide the Network through the most difficult period of the Pandemic before my planned resignation.
5 years ago, when I proposed to 6 institutions and the National Institute of Music and Dance (Narodowy Instytut Muzyki i Tańca) to create the Polish Dance Network, I did not think that we would get this far in such a short time. Polish Dance Network, apart from the repertoire exchange, is also a pioneering project in many respects, like creating a fair and sustainable practices in dance in Poland.
As the creator, first organizer and outgoing network manager, I would like to thank all the people who trusted this project and me. Thank you Ryszard Kalinowski , Elżbieta #Pańtak & Grzegorz Pańtak , Joanna Leśnierowska , Iwona Orzełowska , Dorota #Cząstka, Agata Moląg , Adrian #Lipiński and Joanna #Szymajda for bringing the Network to life, and Jadwiga Majewska for her early support.
I would also like to thank all the next and current Partners of the Network, in particular Aleksandra Dziurosz for the great contribution and commitment of the National Institute of Music and Dance, which she brought on a completely new level. I would like to thank the first coordinator of the Network, Dagmara Gumkowska , and the promoters of the Network, Szymon Michlewicz-Sowa and Zuzanna Jeglorz for developing the structure and identity of the Network. Last but not least thank you to Alicja Berejowska , the outgoing coordinator of the Network, who made it possible to maintain the Network and develop it in the last 3 years.
Observing the long-term participation of institutions in the Network and the attitude of the wider community towards it, I can say that the Polish Dance Network has become one of the most important structures supporting contemporary dance in our country. I hope that it will be continued and that it will develop, still being a determinant of good standards and commitment of the community beyond divisions.

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