Maciej Kuźmiński Company

The word feminism should be enriched in such way, to include also men.

Dominique is a coherent and well thought through show, which consequently – often with a good dose of humour – analyses notions of man and womanhood – Mirosław Baran

Dominique is a powerful socio-political statement, coherent on every level, […] delivered in a layered way, which allows it to be accessible to more than just dance audience. – Hanna Raszewska

Dominique, started as a collaboration between Maciej Kuźmiński and Dominik Więcek, brought the artists 13 awards and distinctions at multiple international choreographic contests, and with them invitations and commissions.

      • choreography & concept
      • Maciej Kuźmiński
      • performance & creation
      • Dominik Więcek
      • music
      • Parov Stellar “All Night”
      • quotations – text
      • Oprah Winfrey, Emma Watson, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Patricia Arquette
      • quotations – movement
      • Anne Terese de Keersmaeker, Yvonne Rainer, Martha Graham, Lea Anderson, Isadora Duncan, Pina Bausch, Loïe Fuller
      • duration
      • 12 min



      • awards
      • – 1st AWARD, Critics Award and a Alexander Izailovski Special Award at the 21. Choreographic Miniatures Competition in Belgrade, Serbia in 2017
      • – 2nd Award and Scapino Production Award at the 30. International Choreographic Competition in Hannover, Germany in 2016
      • – Audience First Choice & Audience Final Choice Awards at the 20. Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival in Stuttgart, Germany in 2016
      • – 2nd Award & Audience Award at the Solo Dance Contest in Gdańsk, Poland ’15
      • – 1st Award at the Warsaw Dance Platform ’15 in Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland
      • – Distinction at the Open Stage competition ’15 in Tarnów, Poland
      • – Distinction at the Monodrama Festival ’15 in Koszalin, Poland
      • – Finalist of the International Choreographic Competition MASH ’15 in Jerusalem, Israel
      • support
      • Dance Theatre Departament in Bytom of the Ludwik Solski National Theatre Academy in Cracow, Polish Dance Theatre
      • Dominique is an example of a excellently constructed critical choreography, which strength lies not in the poetics of shock or excess, but in a smart wit brilliantly performed by Dominik Więcek.


      • One of the few solos, that touched on a serious subject – the fragility of identity, and played it with humour

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