“Coronation” – a solo by Maciej Kuźmiński, performed by Tomasz Pomersbach, was selected for presentation as part of the Solo Dance Contest, which is part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival organized by the Klub ŻAK. The studio premiere of the performance will take place on September 2nd. This is another after “Dominique” and  “I Thought Piranhas” Maciej Kuźmiński’s solo in this competition.

The coronation marks the emergence of the unconscious into consciousness, the crystallization of chaos into order, the transcendence of compulsion into choice. We become the rulers of that which had ruled us. The New World Order that the conspiracy theorists fear is a shadow of the glorious possibility available to sovereign beings. No longer the vassals of fear, we can bring order to the kingdom and build an intentional society on the love already shining through the cracks of the world of separation. – Charles Eisenstein

Dance, creation, photos: Tomasz Pomersbach
Choreography, concept, production: Maciej Kuźmiński

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