The premiere of the live urban installation “transcience” choreographed by Maciej Kuźmiński in collaboration with the playwright Paul Bargetto had place in Vilnius. The installation accompanies the premiere of the show “i”, which Maciej Kuźmiński prepared for the Šeiko Dance Company. The premiere of the installation took place on September 25, 2020 as part of the “Night of Culture” event in Vilnius.

In the piece, a group of faceless visitors occupy a part of the local urban landscape as a form of living sculpture. Their intervention in contemporary reality creates a dissonance and invites the public to engage in a situation where the familiar is suddenly made strange and open to reinterpretation and contemplation.

Conceived as trans human beings from the future or from another world, the “visitors” operate on several levels of meaning in the contemporary urban environment. The most important idea is the concept of transience. We live in very uncertain times, and the idea that everything can change profoundly and quickly without warning is one of the central features of our current zeitgeist. We constantly evolve, increasingly upgrading ourselves with the latest achievements of technology, adapting to the social and ethical norms that shift accordingly, we gradually becoming the orphans of the contemporary world.

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