Maciej Kuźmiński Company

This is a work-in progress to be finished late May 2020.
We are looking for co-producers to finish this promising work.

The new work by Maciej Kuźmiński balances between the performing and visual arts. Revolving around one pivotal character that delvs into a dreamlike world of the inner, infinite self, i tells an existential story of trans-humanism, where crossing the boundaries of mortality and
perception becomes the goal of existence.

      • choreography, visual design, sound design
      • Maciej Kuźmiński
      • costume design
      • Slavna Mitrović in collaboration with Maciej Kuźmiński
      • performers
      • 6 adults, 1 child, 1 adult-size manekin
      • partners
      • KORZO Theatre, The Hague, Netherlands
      • ROZBARK Theatre, Bytom, Poland
      • duration
      • 70 min
      • The serene and contemplative atmosphere of the work is broken by complex, symbolic dance sequences, while
        the stunning, full-body costumes, designed in collaboration with Slavna Mitrović, and choreographer’s minimal set-design
        are a feast for the audiences eye.