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Memoryhouse’s ‘excellent choreography’

Helmut Ploebst writes an excellent review of 'Memoryhouse' for a well known Der Standard:

A 'successful premiere' of 'excellent choreograhy' and 'a real masterpiece by set-designer Gabriela Neubauer'. 'The Linz company has improved even further in quality'.

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Memoryhouse’s ‘intensive choreographic language’

Andrea Amort in tanznetz acknowledges the choreographic language and Tanz Linz ensemble in 'Memoryhouse' in the latest review of Kuźmiński's work:

Constantly changing image constellations arise, which Maciej Kuźmiński draws with intensive choreographic language. [...] “Memoryhouse” achieves its effect through Tanz Linz’s strong, technically capable ensemble, and creative staging.

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Memoryhouse a ‘stargate to new dance dimensions’

An overall picture of 'Memoryhouse' is drawn in a great review by Barbara Duftschmid for Volksblatt:

The dancers, full of dynamism, strength, concentration and maximum body control, captivate the premiere audience in this deeply demanding production. [...] This is the sixth joint production by Maciej Kuzminski and his dramaturg Paul Bargetto, which the Linz audience celebrates with long-lasting, frenetic applause.

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Every Minute Motherland a “meditation on mourning”

A touching review of Every Minute Motherland has been published on a know German portal by Torben Ibs.

It is an evening that leaves the emotions on the stage and invites the audience to watch this meditation on mourning. Everything remains incomprehensible and at the same time directly touching.

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War in my body – Every Minute Motherland review

A very sensible review by Justyna Stanisławska on Every Minute Motherland appeared on 20.09 on the country-wide portal .

a multidimensional story about what the war does to the human body and human interior, but also how it affects space and time. […] the viewer takes a journey into the deepest recesses of his sensitivity.

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my body falls lighter “goes far beyond modern dance theater”

A great review after the premiere of my body falls lighter at Staatstheater Kassel. In an article titled "The play of the time travelers" Kirsten Ammermüller in Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine writes

Kuźmiński uses the most diverse elements of an organic movement language (...) A convincing complete work that appealed to the audience above all emotionally and challenged their senses (...) goes far beyond modern dance theater.

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Plateau’s “epic breadth”

A great review of the first foreign performance of Plateau. Thomas Linden in Koelnische Rundschau writes

With epic breadth, but also with many great images, with a cleverly ironic text and a well-rehearsed ensemble that moves like an oiled machine, the spectator is offered a concentrated dose of dance theatre performance.

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Parting Ways of bitter asymmetry

The three women, like in fairy tales, resemble many, but destiny set their course in bitter asymmetry.

First review of Parting Ways was published in an on-line magazine

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Ampelmenschen – review

under constant stress in merciless competition until the world collapses

Michael Scheiner writes about Ampelmenschen for the Mittelbayerishe Zeitung.
Read the whole review of Tanz.Fabrik!Sieben evening under this link

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Susanne Wolke reviews I fought Piranhas

Monika Witkowska from Poland danced to present the terrible political situation in her country, especially the attempt to tighten the abortion law, for which she received public applause.

Susanne Wolke in Donau Post

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Piranhas “the most interesting statement” of Gdańsk Dance Festival

definitely the most interesting is the statement by Monika Witkowska, addressing an important topic (calling it "feminist" would be another condemnation to the sex ghetto, a universal problem), verbal message enriching with a strong, expressive, consciously non-defective movement.

Mirosław Baran after Gdańsk Dance Festival.
review link [in Polish]

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Difference and Repetition – review by Hanna Raszewska

“Each part of the diptych could function as an independent whole, being a bodily representation of philosophical considerations. Yet together they successfully form a coherent performance, where the three performers differ enough, to make the repetition intriguing.” – Hanna Raszewska 
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Room 40 reviewed in Dans Magazine

“The many foreign dance representatives and journalists, who attended the Polish Dance Platform in Lublin, were impressed by Maciej Kuźmiński’s choreography and the rawness of the performance itself.” – Joost Gouziers