It’s Gonna Rain a “striking choreography of Maciej Kuźmiński”

08 August 2018

“[…] The penetrating music of Steve Reich (It’s Gonna Rain, pt. 1) requires so much attention that it takes effort as a spectator to follow the dance. Nevertheless it succeeds, thanks to the striking choreography of Maciej Kuzminski.” – Jennifer Schreurs 

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It’s gonna rain in mathematical patterns

08 June 2018

“[…] a beautiful scene at the end when all the lamps come down to spy on the dancers piece by piece” – Ruben Brugman 

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It’s gonna rain by Kuźmiński “lifts the evening’s light”

07 June 2018

“In It’s Gonna Rain Kuźmiński gives Steve Reich’s eponymous composition a funny twist to simple movements such as turning, stepping and walking.” – Annette Embrechts 

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It’s gonna rain pastiche

07 June 2018

“I loved the pastiche of the Dance of the Little Swans from Swan Lake by three masked dancers.” – Michael Hasted 

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It’s gonna rain “dancing animals”

06 June 2018

“The man as a dancing animal in a world of rules of behavior and social demands can be seen in It’s gonna rain by Maciej Kuzminski” – Dick van Teylingen 

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Archipelago’s “peculiar timelesness” and “contemplative melancholy”

16 February 2018

“The work draws the viewer into it’s inner world, subtlely regulating the changes of the mood, reflecting elusiveness of the past and subjectivity of memory” – Hanna Raszewska  

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Archipelago a series of “incredibly aesthetic, surrealistic images”

11 January 2018

“Delving into this bizarre, non-linear world of Archipelago, a series of incredibly aesthetic, surrealistic images, one can experience the very nature of time” – Joanna Sarnecka 

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Difference’s “journey to Cosmos”

04 April 2017

“The work doesn’t show off with learnedness but approaches the questions of identity and difference unforced through the means of dance” – Tenka Issakainen 

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After Before a “collective body’s practice of presence”

20 December 2016

A review of After Before has been published by Svetlana Ulanovskaya after the IFMC festival, where the work has been awarded the I-st Prize.

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Room 40 “one of the strongest performances of the festival”

18 August 2016

“Metaphysical elements are expressed through a beautiful, aesthetic movement, making us reflect but without imposing anything. Room 40 definitely belonged to one of the strongest festival presentations – not only among the Polish productions.” – Weronika Łucyk 

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Difference and Repetition – review by Hanna Raszewska

20 June 2016

“Each part of the diptych could function as an independent whole, being a bodily representation of philosophical considerations. Yet together they successfully form a coherent performance, where the three performers differ enough, to make the repetition intriguing.” – Hanna Raszewska 

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Room 40 a “metaphysical treatise on the lack of ethicality of art”

15 June 2016

“Room 40, however, seems not only a critique of patriarchy, but a metaphysical treatise on the lack of ethicality of art. […] is also a beautiful story about life, which is permanently marked by the possibility of death” – Alicja Müller 

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Room 40 “stunning, extremely beautiful”

08 June 2016

“stunning, extremely sensual choreography, the most impressive from Polish performances of the Gdańsk Dance Festival 2016” – Łukasz Rudziński 

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Room 40 – “a unique performance”

07 June 2016

“Room 40 is a unique performance: challenging our expectations, and perception, yet phenomenally beautiful” – Mirosław Baran 

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Dominique a “powerful socio-political statement”

06 June 2016

“Dominique is a powerful socio-political statement, coherent on every level, […] delivered in a layered way, which allows it to be accessible to more than just dance audience.” – Hanna Raszewska 

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Dominique – “excellently constructed critical choreography”

06 June 2016

“Dominique is an example of a excellently constructed critical choreography, which strength lies not in the poetics of shock or excess, but in a smart wit brilliantly performed by Dominik Więcek.” – Alicja Müller 

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Room 40 reviewed in Gazeta Wyborcza

10 April 2016

“A very interresting visual and aesthetic experience, provoking extreme feelings in the audience.” – Monika Żmijewska 

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Dominique “played with humor”

21 March 2016

“One of the few solos, that touched on a serious subject – the fragility of identity, and played it with humor.” – Brigitte Jähnigen 

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Room 40 – a “brutal challenge”

02 November 2015

Room 40 “casts the audience a brutal challenge by the image of the body with its raw physicality and organicity” – Hanna Raszewska 

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Dominique “gives an excellent impression”

15 July 2015

“The whole gives an excellent impression. [..] This work appears as more than just a solo made for a competition

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