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Maciej Kuźmiński – a guest choreographer of ArtEZ University of the Arts

By publisher | Jun 8, 2020

Rehearsals for Maciej Kuźmiński’s diploma film with first-year students of the ArtEZ in Arnhem in the Netherlands are underway. The work was originally intended to take the form of a theatrical performance, but due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the format was changed to film, and rehearsals and lessons are held remotely on… Read more »

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Rehearsals for new performance

By publisher | May 28, 2020

Maciej Kuźmiński started rehearsals for another dance theater performance. This time at the invitation of ŠEIKO DANCE COMPANY, one of the most important dance theater companies in Lithuania.

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New solo of Maciej Kuźmiński

By publisher | May 18, 2020

Maciej Kuźmiński and the dancer Tomek Pomersbach are working on a new solo “Coronation”.

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PERA teaching cancelled

By eng | Mar 20, 2020

We sadly inform that due to the epidemic of Coronavirus Maciej Kuźmński’s 1 month teaching for PERA School of Performing Arts – GAU in Cyprus is cancelled. We wish everyone good health. #stayhome #staysafe

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Parting Ways of bitter asymmetry

By eng | Mar 19, 2020

The three women, like in fairy tales, resemble many, but destiny set their course in bitter asymmetry. First review of Parting Ways was published in an on-line magazine f21.hu.

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Parting Ways premiere

By eng | Mar 5, 2020

See the premiere of new work by Maciej Kuźmiński at the Budapest Dance Festival, held in state-of-the-art building of Nemzeti Tanzinhaz. The commissioned work is a part of celebration of 10 years by Eva Duda Dance Company. See the Parting Ways TrailerEvent website and tickets

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A new work for Eva Duda Dance Company in Budapest

By eng | Feb 2, 2020

The retrospective work called MIRROR will be summing up the past 10 rich years of the Eva Duda’s versatile work. Together with a new creation by Maciej Kuźmiński Parting Ways the evening will be presented on the prestigeous Budapest Dance Festival on March 9th.

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2019 Summary

By eng | Jan 1, 2020

In 2019 Maciej Kuźmiński’s works were presented 20 times in 6 contries. We would like to say thank you to everyone involved.

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Maciej Kuźmiński opens new season of the Polish Dance Network

By eng | Dec 28, 2019
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