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“Art out of chaos” – “Fabula Rasa”

By publisher | Mar 25, 2021

“Art out of chaos” is a series of reports about choreography and contemporary dance, carried out by the Music and Dance Institute as a part of the Polish Dance Network.

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Professional Performing Arts Awards – nomination for Maciej Kuźmiński

By publisher | Mar 12, 2021

Maciej Kuźmiński received another nomination for the prestigious award – together with Robert Bondara and Krystian Lupa, the choreographer was nominated for the most important theater award in Lithuania.

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Nomination for Maciej Kuźmiński

By publisher | Mar 4, 2021

The performance “i”, prepared together with Šeiko Dance Company, was nominated for the Klaipeda City Theater Award “Thanksgiving Mask”.

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“Art out of chaos” – “Plateau”

By publisher | Feb 25, 2021

We invite you to an interview with Maciej Kuźmiński, Paul Bargetto and Ilona Binarsch, who talk about their joint performance “Plateau”.

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Dynami Phrasing masterclasses in ArtEZ, Arnhem

By publisher | Feb 20, 2021

From Monday, 22nd of February, Maciej Kuźmiński will deliver a two-week intensive Masterclasses for second and third year students at ArtEZ University of Arts in the Netherlands. During the two-weeks workshops, Maciej Kuźmiński will introduce students to the secrets of his original method of creative work “Dynamic Phrasing”  

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Dynamic Phrasing logo

By eng | Feb 18, 2021

We are proud to announce a new Dynamic Phrasing logo that was made by Małgorzata Drabina.  The new logo celebrates more than a decade of research into Maciej Kuźmiński’s author technique that has been taught on invitation in conservatoires and companies around Europe.  

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A step forward

By eng | Dec 22, 2020

Since 2012 Maciej Kuźmiński is creating his independent choreographic work on a project-basis. Maciej Kuźmiński Company toured with Room 40, Difference, Repetition, Archipelago, Dominique, I fought Piranhas and other works to 16 countries gicing more than a 100 performance.  We are thrilled to announce a new logo to honor the work we made and the… Read more »

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Workshops in Belgrade

By publisher | Nov 27, 2020

From December 3rd, Maciej Kuźmiński will conduct workshops of his original Dynamic Phrasing method in Belgrade (Serbia).

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“transience” took over Vilnius

By publisher | Sep 26, 2020

The premiere of the live urban installation “transcience” choreographed by Maciej Kuźmiński in collaboration with the playwright Paul Bargetto had place in Vilnius. The installation accompanies the premiere of the show “i”, which Maciej Kuźmiński prepared for the Šeiko Dance Company. The premiere of the installation took place on September 25, 2020 as part of… Read more »

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