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event horizon awarded in Cracow

By eng | Aug 18, 2021

Great news from Kraków! The duo event horizon performed by Monika Witkowska and Omar Karabulut received the 1st individual prize awarded by Iwona Olszowska in the choreographic competition 3… 2…… Read more »

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Plateau’s “epic breadth”

By eng | Jul 29, 2021

A great review of the first foreign performance of Plateau. Thomas Linden in Koelnische Rundschau writes With epic breadth, but also with many great images, with a cleverly ironic text… Read more »

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Maciej Kuźmiński awarded at the RIDCC competition

By publisher | Jun 27, 2021

Maciej Kuźmiński’s latest duo, “event horizon”, received a production award from Codarts Rotterdam in the RIDCC competition.

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Showreel Video 2020/2021

By eng | Jun 25, 2021

We are happy to share a new showreel presenting Maciej Kuźmiński’s works staged in Season 2020 / 2021.  —> Watch the Showreel The short video presents works event horizon , i , Fabula Rasa… Read more »

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Watch “event horizon” online, during RIDCC’21

By publisher | Jun 23, 2021

On June, 24th, Maciej Kuźmiński’s piece “event horizon” will be presented in the frame of prestigious Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC)

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Maciej Kuźmiński selected to RIDCC 2021

By publisher | May 17, 2021

Maciej Kuźmińskiʼs latest work, the duo event horizon, qualified for the prestigious Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC).

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Maciej Kuźmiński on Cyprus

By publisher | Apr 17, 2021

At the invitation of PERA School of Performing Arts at Girne American University (GAU), Maciej Kuźmiński will lead 5-week workshops in Cyprus.

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A trailer of new piece – “Event Horizon”

By publisher | Mar 31, 2021

We are pleased to invite you to watch the trailer of “Event Horizon” – the latest duo choreographed by Maciej Kuźmiński.

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“Art out of chaos” – “Fabula Rasa”

By publisher | Mar 25, 2021

“Art out of chaos” is a series of reports about choreography and contemporary dance, carried out by the Music and Dance Institute as a part of the Polish Dance Network.

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