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Room 40 – “beauty coupled with pain”

By eng | Jun 23, 2015

“Certainly the tissue of this performance is beauty coupled with pain” – Barbara Siemaszko 

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Difference and Repetition review

By eng | Apr 30, 2015

“In this creation every element – choreography, performance, sense of space and timing – reaches independantly a very high level” – Andrzej Z. Kowalczyk 

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Room 40 – “a poetic and touching performance”

By eng | Jan 20, 2015

“A poetic and moving spectacle, enchanting with light direction and sensual choreography” – Anna Duda 

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Room 40 one of the most interesting productions of 2014

By eng | Jan 7, 2015
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Room 40 reviewed in Dans Magazine

By eng | Dec 13, 2014

“The many foreign dance representatives and journalists, who attended the Polish Dance Platform in Lublin, were impressed by Maciej Kuźmiński’s choreography and the rawness of the performance itself.” – Joost Gouziers 

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Room 40 “perfectly bridges concept & beauty”

By eng | Nov 19, 2014

“But it’s the platform finale, Maciej Kuźmiński’s ‘Room 40’, that bridges beauty and concept perfectly, deservedly scooping the audience prize in the awards ceremony afterwards.” – Lucy Ribchester 

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Room 40 “on the verge of physical oppression and pain”

By eng | Nov 10, 2014

“One of the few solos, that touched on a serious subject – the fragility of identity, and played it with humour.” – Agnieszka Dybek 

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‘Maciej Kuźmiński’ “was raw and honest”

By eng | Sep 11, 2014

“A review of the self-performed improvised solo by Rachel Johnson 

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Room 40 and ‘Maciej Kuźmiński’ review

By eng | Mar 23, 2014

Both works reviewed by the local Lublin Courier newspaper’s critic Andrzej Z. Kowalczyk 

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