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By info | Nov 25, 2016

Już dziś premiera Archipelagu – nowego spektaklu Macieja Kuźmińskiego, pierwszego dla Teatru Tańca Caro, którego twórca objął kierownictwo artystyczne we wrześniu 2016.

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Wywiad dla Culture.PL

By info | Oct 24, 2016

“Mój taniec osadzony jest w realiach społeczno-politycznych. Zawsze coś wyraża, nikogo nie wyklucza.”

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Maciej Kuźmiński nowym kierownikiem Teatru Tańca Caro

By info | Sep 12, 2016

Z początkiem września br. roku Maciej Kuźmiński objął kierownictwo artystyczne Teatru Tańca Caro, mającego siedzibę w Centrum Kultury i Sztuki im. A. Meżeryckiego w Siedlcach.

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Room 40 “one of the strongest performances of the festival”

By eng | Aug 18, 2016

“Metaphysical elements are expressed through a beautiful, aesthetic movement, making us reflect but without imposing anything. Room 40 definitely belonged to one of the strongest festival presentations – not only… Read more »

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Difference and Repetition – review by Hanna Raszewska

By eng | Jun 20, 2016

“Each part of the diptych could function as an independent whole, being a bodily representation of philosophical considerations. Yet together they successfully form a coherent performance, where the three performers… Read more »

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Room 40 a “metaphysical treatise on the lack of ethicality of art”

By eng | Jun 15, 2016

“Room 40, however, seems not only a critique of patriarchy, but a metaphysical treatise on the lack of ethicality of art. […] is also a beautiful story about life, which… Read more »

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Room 40 “stunning, extremely beautiful”

By eng | Jun 8, 2016

“stunning, extremely sensual choreography, the most impressive from Polish performances of the Gdańsk Dance Festival 2016” – Łukasz Rudziński 

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Room 40 – “a unique performance”

By eng | Jun 7, 2016

“Room 40 is a unique performance: challenging our expectations, and perception, yet phenomenally beautiful” – Mirosław Baran 

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Dominique a “powerful socio-political statement”

By eng | Jun 6, 2016

“Dominique is a powerful socio-political statement, coherent on every level, […] delivered in a layered way, which allows it to be accessible to more than just dance audience.” – Hanna… Read more »

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