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Dominique – “excellently constructed critical choreography”

By eng | Jun 6, 2016

“Dominique is an example of a excellently constructed critical choreography, which strength lies not in the poetics of shock or excess, but in a smart wit brilliantly performed by Dominik… Read more »

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Room 40 reviewed in Gazeta Wyborcza

By eng | Apr 10, 2016

“A very interresting visual and aesthetic experience, provoking extreme feelings in the audience.” – Monika Żmijewska 

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Dominique “played with humor”

By eng | Mar 21, 2016

“One of the few solos, that touched on a serious subject – the fragility of identity, and played it with humor.” – Brigitte Jähnigen 

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Room 40 – a “brutal challenge”

By eng | Nov 2, 2015

Room 40 “casts the audience a brutal challenge by the image of the body with its raw physicality and organicity” – Hanna Raszewska 

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Dominique “gives an excellent impression”

By eng | Jul 15, 2015

“The whole gives an excellent impression. [..] This work appears as more than just a solo made for a competition

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Room 40 – “beauty coupled with pain”

By eng | Jun 23, 2015

“Certainly the tissue of this performance is beauty coupled with pain” – Barbara Siemaszko 

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Difference and Repetition review

By eng | Apr 30, 2015

“In this creation every element – choreography, performance, sense of space and timing – reaches independantly a very high level” – Andrzej Z. Kowalczyk 

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Room 40 – “a poetic and touching performance”

By eng | Jan 20, 2015

“A poetic and moving spectacle, enchanting with light direction and sensual choreography” – Anna Duda 

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Room 40 one of the most interesting productions of 2014

By eng | Jan 7, 2015
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