Floor Work class

Drawing on his wide educational and choreographic experience Maciej delivers a fun and challenging Floor Work class. A vocabulary of complementary movements is systematically introduced which, along with appropriate technique, allows the body to use the floor with greater efficiency and speed. Elements such as turning, diving and travelling provide a core of a coherent style. Extensive repetition of sequences, which make use of left, right and reverse sides, leads to mastery, and ultimately allows the participant to move with agility and dynamic impact through the floor.
This class also builds up stamina and physical endurance as it requires the participant to remain in constant motion, reducing the moments of inactivity to minimum. It is a good workout.

Maciej’s class is for anyone, advanced or not, who wants to become a mad floor animal.

Improvisation / Instant Composition class

Improvisation as a technique focuses on gathering a scope of practical and theoretical tools, which provide a wide selection of choices for an ad hoc creation. During the class we focus on identifying and applying improvisation devices systematically building a “toolbox”, a vocabulary for a versatile improviser. The participant also learns of her/his own habits by opening to a range of movement ideas, as well as practices the ability to “listen” and to “speak” in equal measure. Maciej builds a syntax between composition, somatic practices, contact-improvisation and various solo-improvisation systems. He looks at Improvisation as a whole, as a destination with many pathways leading to it, which proves useful and interesting to any participant — a veteran or amateur improviser.

Improvisation class is always fun and pleasurable. It gives a personal sense of liberation and a great feeling of integration within the group.


Dynamic Phrasing class

Dynamic Phrasing is a class developed by Maciej since 2010, based on his education at Laban Centre and long individual practice. In this class participants acquire understanding of the dynamic range of movement by learning and re-devising complex, challenging and surprising dance phrases. The technique itself focuses on exploring Choreology in practice, Rhythm and Effort qualities in particular. By experimenting with detaching qualities from the movement pattern we learn to recognise and challenge the organicity of human motion. Such playful approach enriches participant’s vocabulary, as well as brings her/his awareness to habits whilst providing tools to challenge those.

Dynamic Phrasing challenges and develops qualities of movement — a desired skill for an ambitious dance student.

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