The work allows different images to emerge. Seemingly disparate scenes connect, taking the spectator on a journey from total involvement to self-awareness, from a small dance of muscle spasms to virtuosic movement driven by intention. Using the state of tiredness, Maciej Kuźmiński showcases dancers’ virtuosity, and casts a critical eye at tradition, undermining established theatrical conventions. Balancing between forms, the piece is both provocative and moving. ____________________________________________________________________________________________



Maciej Kuźmiński


Adam Hypki

Polish cast

Daniela Komędera (soloist), Anna Kamińska

Katarzyna Pawłowska, Dominika Wiak

original cast

Jessica Haener (soloist), Verena Schneider

Tiffany Desplanques, Agnese Lanza


35 min

pictures 1 and 2 Ludovic Des Cognets | pictures 4, long, main Katarzyna Machniewicz | picture 3 Jakub Wittchen