“In this work every element – choreography, performance, sense of space and timing – reaches independently a very high level ” - A. Z. Kowalczyk, Lublin Courier

The work gives an intimate insight into imaginary world of an individual re-defining his own self. "Identity does not begin, nor does it end" says a voice quoting Deleuze, as Kuźmiński searches for the independent artistic and movement style. This self-performed dance monodrama stuns with the beauty of it's set and lighting design, created by a visual artist Michał Mackiewicz.

Difference and Repetition form a full-length double bill evening of radically different, yet complimentary pieces, inspired by Gilles Deleuze's magnum opus - "Difference and Repetition".


choreography and performance

Maciej Kuźmiński

dramaturgy and texts

Adam Hypki with the use of "Difference and Repetition" by Gilles Deleuze

scenography and lighting design

Michał Mackiewicz

costume design

Justyna Jakubczyk-Lassota, Emil Wysocki


Maciej Kosteczka, Oscar Mafa

assistant choreographer

Tomasz Pomersbach


Matthew Bourne "Montauk Variations", Jacob Kirkegaard "4 Rooms"


35 min

executive prodcers

Maciej Kuźmiński, Maria Marcinkiewicz-Górna


Natalia Starowieyska


Cukier Puder foundation


2015 tourneé supported by the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Stage for Dance 2015 programme, the work was produced with the financial support of Lublin Dance Theatre and as part of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage artistic grant.


Centre for Culture in Lublin, Zduńska Wola Culture House, Dance Theatre Departament in Bytom of the National Theatre Academy in Cracow, company KP Media

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