As a performer Maciej debuted in 2007, dancing Romeo in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by the renowned Austrian choreographer Liz King. As a freelance performer in years 2007-2010 worked for various european choreographers such as Nigel Charnock and Rose Breuss. In 2010-2011 season he became a soloist for the Polish Dance Theatre dancing in Ohad Naharins repertoire among others. After completing his MA Choreography in London in 2013, alongside developing his own work, he joined the Clod Enseble in England. Since 2013 he performed in his own works. As a performer Maciej had the pleasure to dance on stages such as Sadler’s Wells, Konzerthaus Vien or National Theatre in Warsaw.


‘Difference and Repetition’ || 2014-15
‘Maciej Kuźmiński’ || 2014
‘Repeat after me’ || 2013-14
‘Something Simple’ || 2007/2012


‘Zero’ by Suzy Wilson || 2013, the Clod Ensemble
‘Minus 2’ by Ohad Naharin || 2011-12, Polish Dance Theatre
‘Happy’ by Nigel Charnock || 2009-12
‘Walk@ Karnawalu z Postem’ by Ewa Wycichowska || 2012, PDT
‘Alexanderplatz’ by Paulina Wycichowska || 2009-11, PDT
‘Orouboros’ by Rose Breuss || 2009, x.IDA
‘NIC’ by Gimnastic Association || 2008
‘shitty dance’ by Witold Jurewicz || 2008, Alter Dance Theatre
‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Liz King || 2007, Dance Identity

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Dance Tabs Magazine described ‘Room 40’ by Maciej Kuźmiński as “perfectly bridging concept and beauty” – a remark that well describes the style of the choreographer. His works are formally brave and challenging for the performers. Kuźmiński’s weighted and dynamic movement, drawn from Dynamic Phrasing and Floor Work techniques devised by the choreographer, characterise the work giving it a recognisable form.

In the creation process Kuźmiński uses various tools ranging from choreographic scores, to improvisation, but also utilises his own developments such as ‘Task basket’ tool based on Choreology. In the creation process the choreographer often works with Adam Hypki who fills the role of a dramaturge.

Kuźmiński ( born 1985 ) started with a 40-min quartet ‘NOT SO’ in 2009, produced by the Berlin-based group MUMUKI. It wasn’t until 2014, however, that his choreographic career gained on momentum and his works — domestic and international attention. That year he received one of the most signifficant awards in Poland for his quartet ‘Room 40’ – an Audience Award granted by the large ensemble of critics/curators/choreographers at the bi-annual Polish Dance Platform. In 2014 Kuźmiński toured with his ‘Room 40’, ‘Maciej Kuźmiński’ and ‘Repeat after me’ giving over 20 shows in London, Belgrade, Budapest, Hannover, Cracow, Warsaw and Lublin, claiming altogether 4 choreography awards.


‘Difference and Repetition’ || 2014-15, own production
‘Room 40’ || 2012-14, own prod.
‘Maciej Kuźmiński’ || 2014, own prod.
‘which will continue’ || 2012, for Shoreditch Youth Dance, London
‘to whom it may concern’ || 2012, for New-X-Ing festival, London
‘YES!’ || 2011, for the Polish Dance Theatre
‘NOT SO’ || 2009, for Mumuki music and dance co.

competition etudes:

‘Dominique’ || 2015
’11’ || 2014-15
‘Repeat after me’ || 2014


‘More’ || 2013


‘Room 40’
Adience Award || Polish Dance Platform 2014

2nd place and Audience Award || Solo Dance Contest ’15

Jury Prize || 321 Dance! ’15 contest

‘Repeat after me’
double Jury Prize || 321 Dance! ’14 contest
3rd place || Warsaw Dance Platform ’14 contest


In parallel with his performance work Maciej is active as a dance educator. After a few years of delivering a range of workshops for various groups he developed 3 areas of specialisation: Improvisation, Floor Work and Dynamic Phrasing ( learn more ). These interconnected approaches are accessible to all students ranging from professionals to amateurs of dance. The aim is to develop more a movement style than a codified technique, allowing an amount of individual freedom and interpretation.


Currently Maciej Kuźmiński teaches at the Bytom’s Dance Theatre Departament of the National Theatre Academy in Cracow, as well as at the Institute for Artistic Dance in Belgrade – where he co-founded the contemporary dance programme.


Warsaw Dance Departament, Polish Dance Theatre, Natalia Draganik’s Contemporary Dance Academy, 5 Senses project, Artistic Initiative Centre in.


Trinity Laban Student Union and Shoreditch Youth Dance (London), Tanec Praha (Prague), Tanzfabrik Berlin, Dance Identity (Austria), Revontuli-Opisto (Finland), Dancing Poznań festival (Poland).


Kuźmiński organised and coordinated various educational projects, notably state funded ‘Think Move Dance!’ which provided highest standard dance education for the youth in small Polish cities. The project, continued in Fall 2015, has been recognised as an example of “good education practices” at the international conference Knowing Through Dance held at the National Theatre in Warsaw November 2014. Kuźmiński organised also several dance camps for youth in a small city Zduńska Wola in central Poland.

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